Selasa, 17 November 2009


a little note about semc ODM files structure:

1. neptune-based (w302,s302,f305)

firmware contain 3 required parts:

- main (ex:
- fs (ex:
- customization (ex:

you need flash all 3 files to get phone working with desired langugaes.

F305, S302, W302 SW flash should be done without memory card inserted.
If the memory card is inserted during flash the flash can fail.

If you encounter this problem, the phone does not startup correctly after flash, please wait 2-3 minutes then reinsert the battery and start the phone again.
The phone should now start normally and the SW has been correctly updated.
Please note that the SW is flashed correctly and this will not cause any future startup problem.

2. locosto arima (t250,t280,k330,t303,r300)

contains 2 required parts

- main + language R5CA005_OLGA_ARIMA_AMERICA_2_CXC1251008_RED.softwa re
- customization

3. locosto foxconn (z250,z320,r306,j132)

- main
- icons
(that files reside in archives like MODELa_FWVER_common)
- fs+language
- custpack

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